Existing networks of First points of contact in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and the UK

In Croatia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Slovenia there are a range of services available to victims of domestic and gender based violence. Most of the existing services are provided by different governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations. However, no such support exists in different environment, for example support offered by human resources departments in different companies, etc.

Many of the services that provide aid and support to victims suffer from non consistent funding and financial resources coupled with an increasing lack of funding and financial resources. No formally established/recognized networks of first points of contact exist in the partnership countries. In Slovenia, there is a network of safe points for children victims of violence and abuse. No such network is available to adults-victims of domestic and gender based violence.

Even though some e-learning resources are available in some EU countries, the vast majority of such courses are not comprehensive, presenting a wider range of content to ensure a basic knowledge and awareness about the problem, dynamics, consequences, proper response to people in need, communication skills, victim’s rights and different forms of help and services available to victims and their families. Some of the e-courses are offered on a fee basis. Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Croatia don’t have any interactive e-learning materials in this field.

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