Do myths about domestic violence still prevail the facts?

Domestic violence is a serious social problem of epidemic proportions. It affects women in majority, but also men, old and young, heterosexual couples and homosexual couples alike. According to the FRA-European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights survey 13 million women in the EU have experienced physical violence in the course of 12 months prior to the survey interviews (FRA, 2014).

The consequences of violence pose a risk to victims’ physical and mental health and quality of their life. Despite the fact that the legal landscape for domestic violence has gone through significant changes in the past years, the general and specialized support for victims of violence is still lacking. Namely, there is a lack of information provided to victims of violence regarding their rights, as well as a lack of integrated interventions and services.

Moreover, myths, misconceptions, and lack of knowledge in relation to domestic violence are still present in our society. In order to properly address the problem of domestic violence, to stop, and prevent it, we need to learn about facts. It is important to provide key information and guidance for general public about domestic violence facts, and about available help and support resources for victims of violence.

Here, you can read more about the topic, how to debunk myths and what to do to help stop and prevent domestic violence.

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