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Do you have experience of domestic and/or gender based violence?

It is important to know that you can get help.


Domestic and gender based violence is a serious problem. The majority of victims of domestic and gender based violence are women. Domestic violence adversely affects a victim’s quality of life, posing a risk to both their physical and mental health and undermining their private and professional life.

Below you can find an interactive overview of key information that can help you recognise violence, plan your safety, strengthen your support and social network and learn where you can receive the help you need.

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You have the right to be safe and free from violence.

Is this violence?

Planning safety

Planning safety

Away from violence

Safety plan

Deciding to leave

Leaving relationship

After leaving

Where to get help?




Safe places

Legal aid

Other contacts

My network of support

It is important that you have someone you can trust and can talk to about violence. A supportive person can be a friend, a family member, a neighbour, a co-worker, a local community representative, etc.

A supportive social network plays an important role in the process of recovery from the consequences of violence.
Think about the people YOU can turn to and ask them for support and help when you need it.
Who are the people in your social network you can talk to when in distress, facing trouble, loss or other challenges in life? Print this worksheet and fill in the names.

Reach out for help.

A strong social network is one of the most important protective factors that help us deal with different challenges in life.

You have the right to be safe and free from violence.

Additional information

You can get more information about domestic and violence gender -based violence, the rights of victims and different forms of help and services available to victims of violence in FIRST e-tool materials.

When you first visit the e-learning environment, you will need to register. Registration is easy and you only need to enter your e-mailpromotional code (first_uk) and the password you will create.

List of organisations that provide help

For information about organisations that provide help to victims of violence (children and adults) in different parts of the world you can check the International Domestic Violence Resource Guide available here.