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The project aims to address the needs for widely available psychosocial support resources for victims of violence; relevant knowledge and skills of professionals working at first points of contact; more public awareness and informed professionals and general public regarding the issue of domestic and GB violence.

The major objective of the project is to ensure widely available psychosocial and legal support, and assistance to victims of domestic and GB violence, through which we could ensure early detection of violence, and provide appropriate support and aid to victims of violence to recover from traumatic experiences. This will contribute to reducing the harmful effects of violence on direct and indirect victims of violence, as well as improved health and increased prosperity in society.

The objectives:

  • to establish formally recognized national networks of first contacts for victims of domestic and GB violence;
  • to ensure relevant knowledge and information for professionals working at first points contacts to be able to provide adequate psychosocial support and assistance to victims of violence (through FIRST e-Toolbox and train-the-trainers workshops);
  • to empower victims of violence to speak up, seek and receive appropriate assistance to recover from the experience of violence;
  • to increase the awareness of professionals and the general public regarding domestic and GB violence.


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